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Korean Terminology for Taekwondo

Counting: There are two different numbering systems that are used by Koreans. The first numbering system is used when counting, or when only speaking of the numbers themselves. The first ten numbers in this system are the ones most commonly used during classes. They are as follows:

1 : hanah
2 : dool
3 : set
4: net
5 : dasot
6 : yasot
7 : ilgop
8 : yadol
9 : ahop
10 : yool

The stress in "hanah", "dasot", and "yasot" is on the first syllable; in "ilgop", "yadol", and "ahop" on the second. In counting cadence in TaeKwonDo, this is so emphasized that the other syllable frequently almost disappears (e.g., "han", "das", "yos", "lgop", "hop", etc.).

Common words used during classes:

mahki : block

chagi : kick

choon bi : ready

cha ryuht : attention

gomahn : stop

bah ro : return to starting position
geuk gi hyang ha yoh : face the flag

sah bum nim keh : face the instructor/ master

kyung nae : bow

seijak : begin

kihap : yell

ahnjoe : sit

shiuh : relax

pom baka : switch stance

kahm sa hamnida : thank you

ahnyong hasayo : How are you?

pil seung : certain victory

gup : grade

dan : degree

dobok: uniform

dojang : place where one trains

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