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Belt Testing

Belt testing occurs every two months. Master Choe selects students who he feels are ready to test for their next belt level. Students who are testing are required to fill out a Testing Form and wear their full uniforms including current belt. Testing can last anywhere between 1-3 hours depending on number of students testing.

Tips for Passing Your Belt Test:

1)  Practice, practice, practice!    Don't just rely on class time but also practice your forms at home.  Practice doing your basic hand and foot techniques and forms correctly every time in class.  When you get in the habit of consistently doing something correctly, it's easier to remember what to do under the stress of belt testing. 

2) Ask questions to make sure your technique is correct.  Take advantage during class time and test preparation to ask Master Choe or another black belt to critique your technique.  Don't just copy what you think you saw; often we don't see everything that goes into a particular form or technique.

3)  Always keep trying.  We are all going to make mistakes.  Don't try to keep yourself from making mistakes; it is far more important to make them and learn from them.  Don't panic and freeze if you make a mistake during the test; just start over again and try your best.  Don't give up!  You won't progress without perseverance and spirit!

Belt Ceremony

All students and families are invited to attend belt ceremonies and show support for your fellow students and your school.  If you passed the recent belt testing, please wear your uniform minus a belt.  All black belts are asked to wear full uniform and help with the ceremony. 

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